Wednesday, January 28, 2004

ASDA organic tea
ASDA Organic Tea 80 teabags, "round organic teabags foil-wrapped for a fresher taste" on the side it says the "Organic Standards" are: "Prohibit the use of artificial pesticides and fertilisers, Prohibit GM ingrediants, Protect the environment" - Yeah, but does it taste good? Yes, after drinking a lot of Yorkshire Gold, the tea does seem a bit weak, probably due to the smaller quantity of tea in the smaller bag, I have to let the tea brew much longer in order to get the taste out of the tea. This is dissapointing, especially if you're trying to rush off to work, and want to get a quick cuppa tea down you. If you wanted to use a larger cup, I think you'd be dissapointed with the strength of this tea - although some people like weak tea, so they may like this. So my final verdict? I'm not sure, I'll try it some more over the next couple of weeks and see what I think... another thing - is foil bio-degradable? If it isn't, then they're not really protecting the environment much by wrapping the tea-bags in it, are they?!

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