Sunday, October 09, 2005

Percol Tea - Click to enlargePercol Perfect Tea (Click for bigger pic) - I spotted this new tea in Somerfield in the Shetlands, the clever container has a plastic lid so that you don't need to move the teabags to another container to maintain freshness, the tea should simply stay fresh in the box it came in. Clever stuff - surprisingly nobody's bothered to think of this idea before, simply relying on us to go out and purchase our own tins or tupperware containers. The tea's also FairTrade Tea, which is good for the farmers, who are in Africa making Percol Tea. Anyway onto the review:

This tea is very nice, the tea smells very fresh, and the taste is very good, very refreshing in the morning, but not too strong so it's easy to have cup after cup. The tea container includes instructions suggesting a gentle squeeze of the teabag while you remove the teabag from the cup. Definitely Recommended Tea!

Site problems - I don't really know why there's all this white space up here on this page but hopefully with some quick jiggery pokery it can all be made neat again... update: site design changed and fixed... expect some fresh tea reviews soon...

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