Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Best Teas of 2006
The first annual "Best Teas" awards are listed below - find out what should be on your shopping list for great tasting tea!

Thunderbolt Tea

1 - Thunderbolt Pure Darjeeling - sourced direct from Thunderbolt Tea it's tea how it's meant to be experienced in it's full authenticity.
2 - Monkey Picked Tea - Expensive but gorgeous big leaves make and unique-ness make it a great party tea.

Best Teas of all time
Yorkshire Gold

1 - Yorkshire Gold - reviewed back in 2004 there is no tea that I've tasted so far that betters Yorkshire Gold for a proper authentic british cuppa tea. With bags jammed packed full of tea you're bound to experience the full tea flavour.
2 - Dilmah Ceylon Supreme Tea - best when bought in it's origin: Sri Lanka. If you can't make it out there, then it should be available in your local Tesco, and it still tastes great!

Twinings Everyday "A refreshing tea for any time of day" It's somewhat expensive for 80 teabags at around £2. It's a relatively mild, but refreshing and tasty cup of tea, I found it worked best in medium - small cups rather than in large cups where it was perhaps overly weak. To get a good flavour out of it took a bit longer than your "average" cup of tea from other brands. As with all teas, tastes best made with fresh boiled water (not re-boiled). Could be worth a try, but seems expensive considering it doesn't offer anything particularly "special" for the price, apart from the prestigious name, and pleasing packaging.

www.looseleaf.info - "This site is dedicated to helping you uncover all the great things about loose leaf tea. Check back often for new articles, features, great deals, and more!"

lots of great articles on tea. highlights include: "brewing tea - is hotter better?" and "Mass produced teas - what's it worth?" - Make sure you check it out!

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