Monday, January 30, 2006

Plunger Tea, by PG Tips, Black and Green: "Longer leaf tea blend for the cafetiere" - It's perfect for the modern generation that are more likely to own a cafetiere, than a proper teapot (although it's quite likely normal loose leaf tea will work with the cafetiere, as ground coffee is generally smaller than loose leaf tea!). Very refreshing taste. Easy to make, and less messy than using a teapot, due to the cafetiere's built in plunger meaning you won't have to use a strainer. PG "have stopped making this range due to low levels of demand."

Monkey Picked TeaMonkey Picked Tea, picked in China by monkeys, is available from It's a rather expensive way of buying tea, at £9.95 for a small packet, but it makes an excellent gift for friends who are keen on all things Monkey related. The tea tastes great, it has a light flavour and is extremely refreshing and tasty compared to your average cup of tea. I'd say it was addictive, it really is that good.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Giant Mug - Oh YES!T3 - What a mug! - Oh yes! This is what I must have! It's £7 and holds a litre / two pints! Two pints of tea (or coffee). Fantastic! Get it here - NOW!

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