Sunday, February 25, 2007

Free Monkey with PG Tips 160 Pack at ASDA for £2.93. Monkey, previously worked on ITV Digital but after the collapse spent his days fathering children chimps, all of them he sold into slave labour to PG Tips to work on the PG Tips Tea farms (it's much cheaper to employ knitted monkeys than real monkeys), you can give one of these poor monkeys a good homes each time you buy a pack of PG Tips...

The monkeys are eager to give a helping hand now that you have set them free, but even I struggled to open the plastic wrapping on the packet... The instructions on the side of the pack were short but promised great things: "there you have it; a delicious brew fit for a monkey." (assuming you're a monkey!) PG Tips are members of Ethical Tea Partnership which is perhaps why they've now decided to set all the monkeys free...

Once you work your way through the annoying perforated cardboard, the monkey quickly dives in to find you the perfect PG Tips Pyramid tea bag. I asked monkey why the tea wasn't foil packed, but the monkey simply mumbled something about the cost of foil packed freshness, and something about it not growing on trees.

A few minutes later and we were ready, I would have offered the monkey some, but decided that it was too hot and it would probably stain his white t-shirt. Tea Tasting: The tea tasted fairly fresh, mild, and once again wasn't very satisfying, it seems sort of dull, bland even, lacking in flavour. I'll ask the monkey to try harder next time.

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

While most of us don't like it when tea cups are covered in tea stains as it's often considered a sign that the cup hasn't been washed properly, artist Bethan Luara Wood has made some tea cups that stain attractively: "The interior surface of the cup is treated so as to stain more in predetermined places. The more the cups are used, the more the pattern is revealed. Over time they will build up an individual pattern dependent on the users personal way of drinking tea."

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tea Birds: "Nothing but pictures of cute girls at tea. A tea blog like no other." - The site seems to be dead, so why not check this site out instead:

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