Friday, June 15, 2012

Whittard Organic English Breakfast Black Leaf Teabags

Recently Whittard (Chelsea 1886) contacted me asking me if I wanted some tea to review. Of course, was my reply. I do love a good English Breakfast tea. So here's one of the teas they sent me. It comes in a light blue box, containing 50 teabags, and says "Our customers favourite - rich strong and fresh" as well as "Strong Traditional". The teabags come in a foil wrap bag for freshness.

After brewing the tea, and giving the teabag a light squeeze above the cup after removing, then adding milk the tea has quite a rich colour. The flavour matches this, being quite "meaty" and refreshing, with a strength that you can feel. If this was coffee, I'd say it has quite a kick, but as it's not I'll simply say it packs quite a punch. The tea is from Tanzania, and is Whittard's own house blend. The instructions insist on fresh water, and are wise words to follow. The tea is strong and shouldn't be over-brewed, or stewed, and does leave a little bit of a dry mouth after drinking, so would be good followed by some water. I suspect this would go extremely well with the English Fry-up. The tea is available in the Whittard shops or online at and is definitely recommended.

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