Wednesday, November 01, 2006

ASDA Fairtrade 80 tea bags "Guarantees a better deal for growers in developing countries" It's sourced from Keigoi tea producers in Kenya and "produces one of the richest, flavoursome teas in Africa". It's nice to see an ASDA's "own brand" fairtrade product, as it means fairtrade products should be even more widely available, and should start becoming much more mainstream. The box even comes with some instructions on how to make a cuppa tea, I've summarised it below:

Place one tea bag in a cup, pour on freshly boiled water, stir then leave for 1 minute (for medium strength, 3 minutes for strong brew), stir again then remove bag.

How does it taste? It tastes good, better than average, by that I mean that the tea has a noticable taste of tea, a refreshing taste, not overly weak like some teas, although the tea is slightly coarse tasting. Definitely worth trying.

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