Sunday, June 29, 2003

Clipper Fairtrade Tea
Clipper Originals Fairtrade Tea - From the local Co-Op, £1.79 for a box of 80 Tea Bags. The box is sealed in a see-through plastic wrapper, but when you open the box, the square yellowy coloured tea-bags are just in there (they aren't in any foil wrapper etc). They are slightly more yellow than the picture below shows, and definitely more yellow than the usual round tea bags you normally get. On the box they are described as "A delicious, golden blend of tea from the finest Fairtrade estates. The growers on these estates will benefit directly from every pack." Which gives me a feeling that I am doing some good in the world, and not contributing to the in-justice in the world. How does the tea taste, it's very nice - a good flavour. But I'll leave the score till I've had more time to try it out. More information can be found here []
A Clipper Fairtrade Tea Teabag

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