Monday, June 09, 2003

i've just made a cup with Spar "premium" tea bags, £1.19 from spar for a bag of 80. i used the water from a "hydroboil" water boiler in the work kitchen, i used a yellow mug with a smooth finish, i made sure i washed the cup prior to use, and filled it full of boiled water just to rinse it before filling it with the water to use with the tea. i got the water first, dipped the tea bag in and then swished the tea bag around a bit. i added semi-skimmed milk from the fridge, then stirred the tea bag some more with a tea spoon, until it looked the colour i wanted it to look, i took the tea bag out. tasting it, it is slightly too weak for my liking, and tastes a bit bitter. it is hot, but not too hot. it is quote satisfying however, and i am pleased that i took the effort to make it myself. there was black powder residue in the bottom when i finished the tea. i give this tea 6 out of 10 stars: - additional note, my wife has a theory that the water in the boiler becomes ionised, due to it re-boiling the same water over and over again, which would make sense as i am beginning to suspect that the water from it is not as good as it would be if i had got fresh water and just boiled it once in a standard kettle.

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