Saturday, June 14, 2003

The North South thing. Unfortunately the average southerner has a completely different concept of what tea is and what tea is capable of being. Partly its the water. Partly its the tastebuds. partly it could be down to the brand of tea-bag.

I'll try not to offend too many southerners, but the London cup of tea is basically a hard acrid drink, with little of the refreshing flavour rich nuances that you're familiar with in the North. The water is hard in London, and this results in a blacker cup of tea, and a smal film of scum on the surface of the cup if you leave it too long. In addition, southerners have been brought up in an land where environmental pollutants have masked their senses and ... after years of drinking a dark bitter liquid, they've forgotten what tea was meant to taste like (... or maybe they never knew). I know you're probably in tears of anger and sadness at this injustice that such a basic human right could be denied to so many people.. it's a testament to their character and determination that they still have the courage to continue drinking tea even in it's Ts form.

Of course there is still hope:- With your help, we can provide meaningful experiences for these people, we can restore their taste buds.
All it takes is a small donation of a teabag, some water, and your hospitality,.. together we can make a difference. Yes that's right, this year marks the launch of

give a southerner a chanceTM

This is your opportunity to invite a random needy southerner into your home, all you have to do is make 'em a cup of tea, let them dunk a gingernut and over time, that hardened exterior will melt to reveal a flavour filled top notch biscuit.

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