Saturday, June 21, 2003

Tesco Finest* I don't know what the * (star) stands for, normally when there's a star next to something, it normally means there's some kind of get-out clause, which they normally explain in small writing, well not in this case, as there is no explanation. Well as you may have guessed, I was in Tesco, and decided to buy some tea, and what could be finer than the Finest* ?

On the box it gives instructions on "Making your perfect cup of tea:"

Use one teabag per person per cup, plas add "one for the pot" if using a teapot and ensure that the pot is warm. Boil freshly drawn cold water. Pour the water the moment it boiles. Infuse for 2-5 minutes according to your personal taste. Add milk, sugar or lemon to taste."

Well, they seem to know their stuff, and the flavour strength rating they give this tea of 2:Medium seems to fit. They also advise "Usage Occasions: Suitable for everyday use, and for special occasions" which made me chuckle. So how was the tea? Lovely, very nice indeed, except I did put a little bit too much milk in due to just opening a large 6-pint semi-skimmed milk bottle, but aside from that, it was very good indeed. I will postpone the rating of the tea, until the next cuppa when I will hopefully be able to put the correct amount of milk in.

One thing that did come to mind was storage, the box the tea came in is re-closable much like cereal is, but to maintain tea-freshness I keep the tea packet in a metal tin with a tight seal at the top, anything less and I'd be risking the tea loosing freshness.

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