Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Masala Chai Tea brewing in a cup
Masala Chai Tea Fairtrade Tea - I had to go to a World Trade shop in order to buy this as I couldn't find it in the supermarkets I looked in. I'd tried it previously at someone's house and thought it was excellent, I still do - it says it's 'aromatic and warming', I would say that it's really chilled out tea, really relaxing, homely, cozy, sitting next to a log fire cuppa tea.

It's 'A warming blend of spices and black tea reminiscent of the traditional roadside chai of India and Nepal. This blend contains Black Tea, Green Cardomom, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves, Black Pepper, and Coriander.' They say you should leave it for up to 5 minutes, and you can have it with out without milk / suger. You can also spice it up with more teabags or relax addiing more milk for a smoother taste.

It's also 'equalexhange' tea, which is the only Fairtrade certified brand picked and packed in India. They're got a website: www.equalexchange.co.uk. There's a bigger picture here.

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