Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tea Making - Click to view bigger versionThunderbolt Tea, 100% Pure Darjeeling Tea, Hand picked fresh tea, Orange Valley, Autumn Flush 2005 (FTGFOP1 - Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe - 1 standing for top grade - more on grading here).

Oh, this is good! The moment you get your first sip of the hot tea is divine. It's soothing, relaxing, calming, but invigorating at the same time. It's so full of flavour, it's ever so slightly sweet, and not at all bitter, unless you've over stewed the tea. It tastes great without milk, without sugar, without honey, although those can be added if you've got a sweet tooth.

Tea Detail - Click to view bigger versionThe tea is sent directly from India and took about 2 weeks to arrive in the UK. The tea itself is packaged in a brown paper bag, which is sealed in a silver foil bag. The tea is much coarser than your average (off-the-shelf) tea, although not as large and leafy as Monkey Picked Tea. The tea is available to buy on Thunderbolt's website: and is HIGHLY recommended!

Nb. Shown in the picture is the excellent SmartCafe Hot Cafetiere Mug - excellent for one cup cafetiere coffee or tealeaf tea - the plunger keeps all the tealeaves / coffee at the bottom. It's available at John Lewis and other stores.

I love Darjeeling. I can't wait to payday to order some of this!
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