Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Best Teas of 2006
The first annual "Best Teas" awards are listed below - find out what should be on your shopping list for great tasting tea!

Thunderbolt Tea

1 - Thunderbolt Pure Darjeeling - sourced direct from Thunderbolt Tea it's tea how it's meant to be experienced in it's full authenticity.
2 - Monkey Picked Tea - Expensive but gorgeous big leaves make and unique-ness make it a great party tea.

Best Teas of all time
Yorkshire Gold

1 - Yorkshire Gold - reviewed back in 2004 there is no tea that I've tasted so far that betters Yorkshire Gold for a proper authentic british cuppa tea. With bags jammed packed full of tea you're bound to experience the full tea flavour.
2 - Dilmah Ceylon Supreme Tea - best when bought in it's origin: Sri Lanka. If you can't make it out there, then it should be available in your local Tesco, and it still tastes great!

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