Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lancashire Tea - from Asda - it had a label on the shelf saying "locally produced" and it is, being made about 10 miles away in Newton Le Willows (it's in Merseyside, but Merseyside was historically a part of Lancashire anyway, so I'll happily call in Lancashire tea). I was surprised by how nice it tastes, considering the old fashioned packaging and tea bag style (square). They recommend a brew of 3 - 4 minutes. I went for 3 minutes, and had a strong (but not bitter) cup of tea. They also suggest pouring the tea onto the milk, I'm not so sure about that, but each to his own. There's even a history of Lancaster printed on the bottom. If you can find some, then I'd say buy it!

Hi there~ I found your blog when I was searching for reviews about tea on the Internet. I really appreciate your details review of different teas your tried! All the entries are very informative!! Thanks alot!

I am also a tea lover!! My favourite tea is green tea. I find it difficult to get good quality green tea from supermarket. recently I bought a pack of organic green tea from an online tea shop and it was really good!! much better than those from the supermarket!

They also have many other tea and herbal infusion. here is the link if you would like to try: www.leafshop.co.uk

Enjoy your tea~

You ought to take another look (taste) of Lancashire Tea. Last year it had a great taste, but since it had financial troubles they seem to have changed the recipe - It now tastes like licking out an ashtray might. Commercial suicide by all accounts.
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